Nurturing the future

of our forests

Forests all over the world are facing threats like the bark beetle, climate change, soil degradation, natural disasters such as floods, wildfires and more. These threats pose a serious risk to the future of forestry, the livelihood of forest owners and their families, and the planet.

The GFGF programme is Mercer Holz’s commitment to help forest owners sustain longevity of forests in Germany.

How does the

GFGF programme work?

We are one of the first within the German wood industry with such a large-scale tree-planting endeavour. GFGF is a multi-year project, partnering with forest owners hand in hand, to begin the journey to secure the future of German forests.

“The conservation of forests for future generations is an affair of the heart.”
– Martin Stöhr, Managing Director of Mercer Holz.

We hope this programme sparks similar projects with others within the supply chain, as the future of forests belongs to all of us.

Mercer’s sustainability


At Mercer, ‘fit for future’ is a phrase we use to exemplify our commitment to sustainability in our business and operations. This includes reducing our carbon footprint, boosting financial performance, maximising the value of fibre from the forests, reducing our chemical and water use and preparing us for replacing fossil resources with greener options on our road to net-zero carbon emissions.